Like many Roblox experiences, Splash: Skate and Music required many accessories that players could purchase and use in game. When I first joined the project, I was tasked with creating a variety of fashion accessories and on-stage DJ props. I was allowed a very free hand to make items, ranging from simple hats, to demonic wings and pet aliens, just as long as players would think it cool and want to buy it. Often these would be animated to pulse to the beat of the music or have flashy particles. I made roughly 100 of these items.

Software used: 3ds Max, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Zbrush, Roblox Studio

Splash - Accessories

Splash - DJ Tables

When the Skateboarding game mode was added, I came up with a modular system of building the boards, where the artists could choose from a set of wheels, decks and deck art to create a huge variety of different boards. I also made a number of special custom boards of various silly designs, like a flying cloud and a gingerbread board.

Splash - Skateboards

After skating, Splash added the custom clubs feature, which allowed players to decorate their own music club with a choice of furniture and other accessories. I used some items from existing clubs and also made new items from scratch to fill out the selection.

Splash - Furniture