The most popular game mode in the Splash Roblox experience was Skateboarding. Working with other programmers, we created a large and detailed map based off a disused high school that had been taken over by skaters and transformed into a skate paradise, full of ramps, halfpipes and rails to grind.

This was by far the most complex map I worked on while at Splash. I created a construction system to generate numerous school buildings with different appearances and sizes. I also made a modular systems for constructing roads, kerbs, hand railings, steps, halfpipes and many other individual props. Many of the environment components required specific gameplay additions to allow players to jump off or grind on them.

The map underwent several major revisions after release to improve gameplay, change the visual style and add a music stage.

I constructed almost all the assets in the map, only a few buildings, a small number of props and the graffiti were made by other artists. It addition to the assets, I also did several different lighting modes, complete with different skyboxes and atmospherics. I also built a number of skateboards for this game mode.

Splash - Skate High - Bowl and Ramps
Splash - Skate High - Stage
Splash - Skate High - Back Streets
Splash - Skate High - Halfpipe Alley
Splash - Skate High - Building