As part of a project by HitIQ to develop a Virtual Reality concussion diagnosis system, I was contracted to create a number of 3d assets in Unity. The project consisted of a number of medical tests masquerading as Virtual Reality games that a users could use to determine their cognitive fitness. The games took the appearance of a futuristic space station in which a user would interact with various 3d machines and holograms.

In addition to 3d modelling and texturing of props, I also created animated hologram shaders and lit the main room in Unity.

Software used: 3ds Max, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Unity, ZBrush.

HitIQ VR Gloves
VR Gloves for the User
HitIQ Selection Cubes
Metal cubes that contained holographic items
HitIQ Projector
Hologram projection node
HitIQ Station Lighting
Lighting only of main room