The Darkness was a special mini-game developed for Halloween in 2022. An original game had been created in Roblox and I was tasked, along with some other developers, to fully update the game with all new visuals and improved gameplay.

In the mini-game, the player passes through a spooky obstacle course of sewers, warehouses, rooms and a creepy circus. The players had to solve simple puzzles to progress, while avoiding hazards and doing some platforming.

In addition to creating almost all the visuals and lighting, I also built and rigged a giant spider model that the players encounter during the mini game. The spider was animated by another 3d artist on the Splash team.

Splash - The Darkness - Bedroom
Splash - The Darkness Spider
Splash - The Darkness - Shelves
Splash - The Darkness - Pipes
Splash - The Darkness - Circus