Kart Racing was an advanced mini-game in Splash. Players were able to race against each other along a track while picking up weapons and bonuses. Working closely with the programmers and designers, I developed a sophisticated modular track segment system that allowed multiple tracks to be designed and raced on, without needing to custom build each track.

The visual theme developed for Kart Racing was a mixture of Tron and Vapour Wave, giving a cool computer generated feel about it all. All the environment assets for this game mode were created by me and I also designed and created all the gameplay elements such as the Kart and powerups.

Splash - Karts and powerups

While only a single track was released onto Roblox, there was another track completed and ready to go. The first was a beach theme, the other an alpine theme.

Splash - Kart Racing A - Sunset
Splash - Kart Racing A - Lights
Splash - Kart Racing A - Corner
Splash - Kart Racing B - Lobby
Splash - Kart Racing B - Bridge and Blimp
Splash - Kart Racing B - Start