In close collaboration with two other artists at Splash, I created an animated music video for the song “Breathe Again” by Splash’s virtual front person, Kai. Over the course of a month we took the video from just an animatic to a fully rendered, full length animated music video with numerous environments, characters, choregraphed dance routines and vfx.

On the project I personally completed:

  • Created the Roblox-like environments by converting them from Roblox Studio and reworking all their materials to full PBR compatibility with the Arnold renderer in Maya.
  • Lit all the Roblox-like shots and set up atmospheric effects.
  • Set up the camera and Arnold renderer on most of the shots to export layers for compositing.
  • Set up all the PBR materials on the Roblox characters.
  • Edited the video.
  • Colour corrected and completed almost all of the compositing and VFX.

Software used: Maya, 3ds Max, Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve, Roblox Studio